Do something different this Christmas.

Kimmy Talks about Advent

Advent Conspiracy Promo

Advent Conspiracy for Kids

Part of our mission at CCDP is taking care of the hurting and the less fortunate.  So, during the Advent season, we participate in something called Advent Conspiracy.  We believe that consumerism does not equal happiness and does not have much to do with what Jesus was about when he came to Earth.  The Christmas season has come to be defined by presents and more presents and not so much by presence -- by love


We're celebrating differently.  This year, consider giving more presence and fewer presents, then take some of the money that you saved and make a lasting difference in someone's life.

We have several ways you can accomplish this.  We encourage you to participate in each one as you can.

Give Relationally.
What are the things you remember most from your past Christmas experiences?  Do you remember going to Grandma and Grandpa's to spend the day with the whole family?  Do you remember seeing your child's face when they woke up Christmas morning?  Do you remember gathering your wife under the Mistletoe and giving her a big kiss?  These are all memories that were created by time spent together, not by giving another tie to dad or another gift card to your cousin.


This Christmas, give the gift of time.  Make something homemade like when you were a kid.  Go on a date with your wife.  Invite your neighbors over for dinner.  Be relational like Jesus was when He gave Himself to us.  Download this guide for other great ideas on how you can make memories and give more of yourself this Christmas.

Save Your Change
1.6 million people (est) die each year from a lack of clean water.  1.1 billion (est) lack even the access to clean water.  We're doing our small part to change that!  Each year, we pass out some (now famous) blue fish piggybanks.  Save your change during the Advent season, fill up as many fish as you'd like and bring them back the Sunday before Christmas or on Christmas Eve.  We use the money raised from the fish and other means to help fund various projects we believe are important for us to help.  In years past, we've funded clean-water wells and helped rescue women out of sex-slavery to a new life. In 2013, alone, there was a total of $9500 sent from CCDP to two different organizations when it was all said and done. 

Make a Difference Locally
The Deer Park community is not a wealthy area. You know that money you're going to save by giving simpler gifts?  What if you took some part of that and used it to buy a present for a kid that won't have any this year?  What if you invited a struggling neighbor family over for Christmas dinner?  I'm sure each of us can think of a friend, relative or neighbor who has fallen on harder times.  Let's give them some hope this Advent season.  Find a way to make a difference in the lives of the folks who live nearby.